the new advancement in concealable personal defense!

the PD10

Avidity Arms is a new business venture that manufactures quality firearms in the U.S. utilizing a novel design and marketing approach. Led by the team from Eagle Imports, the industry leading importer/wholesaler of firearms with extensive experience in providing customer solutions for small to medium sized manufacturers.

Need = Opportunity

The firearms industry thrives on new models and features, yet has relatively little innovation. A huge needs exists for a concealable personal defense pistol at an affordable price.




Seeking: $2 M

Use of Proceeds

-Purchase facility, tooling, molds, and materials
-Marketing, personnel, and sales


Milestones Achieved

- Firearm design complete, working prototype
- Key parts suppliers in place with reliable costing
- Enthusiastic support from all major distributors
- Key additional personnel ready to go

The Market
Small arms manufacturing = $4.7 Billion, with growth and counter-cyclical tendancies.


So what are the specs?

What are our Competitive Advantages?

- Deep domain expertise in customer service
- Key industry relationships across the value chain
- US and international firearm regulation experts
- Team member manufacturing experience

What Is the Competitive Landscape?

Manufacturing is characterized by low market share concentration with average EBIT of 10.8%, and medium barriers to entry. Competitors include Remington (Freedom Group, 6.3%), Winchester (Olin, 6.3%), Smith & Wesson (4.1%), and Ruger (3.4%) among many other domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Why Avidity Arms?

Americans feel the need to arm themselves like never before. And they want to be armed for defensive reasons. To defend their families and soft targets throughout our nation. This pistol has been designed for that purpose. Eagle is in a unique position to merge international skills and knowledge with American innovation. We are experts in the business of offering choices and firearm diversity, only now we can do it from US soil and with American innovation.

Address: 1750 Brielle Ave. B-1 Wanamassa, NJ 07712, United States

Phone: 732-493-0333